putty tray

這東西不錯 http://www.xs4all.nl/~whaa/putty/ ,拿0.6版的putty 來稍做改良。


  • High color icon
  • Minimizing to the system tray (on CTRL+minimize, always or directly on startup)
  • Customizable (tray) icon
  • Blinks tray icon when a bell signal is received
  • Configurable window transparency
  • URL hyperlinking
  • Portability: optionally stores session configuration in files (for example: on a USB drive) like portaPuTTY
  • Easy access to the ‘always on top’ setting (in the system menu)
  • Reconnects when your PC wakes up from stand-by
  • Attempts to reconnect when the connection fails

我最喜歡的功能就是最小化會縮到系統列。因為我長時間都開著ssh tunnel ..orz..,我知道有專用ssh tunnel 的軟體,可是那套不能設定proxy =.=..  可惜了。至於其他的功能…還用不到 😛




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