Real-world search on GPS cellphones

日本最近推出一種新的服務 (資訊時代的權杖?)。使用者可以拿著具有GPS功能的手機在街上對著你有興趣的建築物按一下就可以收到網路上關於目標的相關資訊。誤差範圍在九公尺之內。

(picture from NYTimes)

跟這個服務相關的有之前李老師介紹過的 Kameleon,這裡有 湯五捷之前寫過的Kameleon介紹


From New York Times


2 thoughts on “Real-world search on GPS cellphones

  1. Is there any way that I can be traced using a GPS reciver thorugh internet, like if am outside and my GPS is working is there any application by which anybody can trace me sitting on computer?

  2. Hello will:
    I am not very familar with GPS, but if you installed some application which sent your data to some servers on your device, like PDA or mobile, there is really possible that someone can trace you over internet

    If you dont install that application, the answer may be not.

    Hope this answer can help you.


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