What is Interactive ?

My boss wanted us to define this word. I tried last week, but I thinked I failed.

So, I am asked to try again.

I list all the definition i can think below(some of them are my friends idea):


  1. Input and Ouput. If this object can accept the input data from the environment(i.e pressure, color from the webcam or something from the internet) and it will result some change and let the user perceive.
  2. one target, Multi-participant(多人參與一個動作對象)
  3. multi-participant, multi target(多人參與、多個動作對象)
  4. mulit-input, independent effect(多種輸入、結果互不影響)
  5. mulit-input, dependent effect.(多種輸入、結果互相影響)
  6. input(or output ) of pictures (視覺的)
  7. input(or output ) of sounds (聽覺的)
  8. input(or output ) of taste (嗅覺的)
  9. input(or output ) of touch (觸覺的)
    • input(or output ) of shape (形狀上的改變)
  10. input(or output ) of brain wave (思想的)
  11. input(or output ) of speed (速度的)
  12. input(or output ) of chromatic time (時間的)



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